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Examination for Master Dowser Certificate

80 %  correct answers will pass this test.
Passing this test qualifies for positions as Master Dowser in Professional Dowsing Services including Silesia Group Inc. - Dowsing Services
All Master Dowsers are independent contractors responsible for their own authority in dowsing art..
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1 Ground water is not a renewable resource? - true or false
2 If I was to dowse an area three yard sticks long, from poit a, point b, and point c, and the treasure was in the north-east corner, what tool should I use? a - an Angle rod, b - a Pendulum, c - a Y-rod, d - all of the above
3 A pendulum swings to and from ( north to south) for 'yes'. What other way does it say 'yes'? a - circulates right, b - circulates left, c - loops around in figure 8 pattern
4 If you are using a pair of angle rods to find treasure, what do the rods do when you are over the object? a - shake up and down, b - swing side to side, c cross over, d - split apart parallel, e - both c and d
5 What is my favorite color? a - Teal, b - Black, c - Metallic, d - Blue
6 I am thinking about four numbers, find them below: 
21-53 91-4-45
7 What is the most common fruit that most people crave and has the most seeds? a - strawberry, b - raspberry, c - blackberry, d - mulberry, e - gooseberry
8 Which electronic device am I thinking of that anyone can carry with them to communicate? a - cell phone, b - text, c - pager, d - walkie - talkie
9 Drinking several glasses of water before dowsing for a ground water well site increases your sensitivity - true or false
10 Three dowsers are present. A gold coin is thrown about 100 feet into a grass field. They begin working on the location of the coin. What will happenen? a - they can't locate the coin because there are too many dowsers on the same site, b - they will locate the coin because they share the same interest, c - they will be unable to locate the coin. Only one dowser should locate the coin at one time.
11 A dowser is with a client on site to stake a water well. a dog is running around the area. What are the chances the dowser will locate a good well site? a - high, b - low, c - impossible, d - highly probable
12 Using a test site, how long should treasure item, such as a silver coin, gold coin, paper money, jewels, or precious stones, need to be buried in the ground to produce an image large enough to be captured on Polaroid film? a - 10 hours, b - 7 days, c - 14 days, d - 1 month
13 Two dowsers are working on site at the same time to pinpoint a well site. Does this situation present a problem? yes or no
14 It is easier for the dowser to find precious metal objects with a witness? yes or no
15 Wich dowsing tools are more sensitive in the use to locate metals? a - a single rod, b - a ball bearing L rod, c - a Y rod, d - a pendulum
16 Why are ghosts often seen near treasure sites? a - common practice among pirates to kill, dismember, or maim, b - most or all transporters were murdered to eliminate retrieval, c - ancestors of the owners guard the treasure, d - curses passed on to keep the treasure hidden, e - people were left behind to guard the treasure without provisions
17 Can you use the same dowsing program system to locate a missing person or a known tresure. yes or no
18 What is a major problem that exists after locating and exposing one ton of silver coins? a - greed, b - tarnishing, c - local law enforcement, d - tax evasion
19 A treasure searching team consists of how many persons? a - 1 to 3 persons, b - 3 to 5 persons, c - 5 to 7 persons, d - 7 - 15 persons
20 A treasure searching team needs at least: a - dowser, a guard, b - a dowser, a guard, a recovery digger, c - a dowser, a witness, a local resident
21 What type of food should you carry with you for trade rats when you want them to bring you their stored goods from their nests? a - whole cernel corn, b - peanuts, c - cereal oats, d - chocolate
22 Thre are 22 species of trade rats, similar to a peddler and a barter. true or false
23 What historic legend is associated with this sign: SITE TO BLACK HORSE TAVERN, 19 CENTURY WAYSIDE FOR TRAVELERS ON THE OLD SWEET SPRINGS ROAD, BUFORD STA. TO CRAIG COUNTY, CREATED BY BLUE RIDGE COUNCIL, SPRING --->, a - Thomas Jefferson Beale's treasure, b - Colonel Mosby's Civil War treasure, c - Civil War's North Carolina treasure, d - Harper's Ferry railway treasure
24 How did a cache of silver coins end up inside the sapling growing up from an old stump? a - coins hidden in stump 100 years ago, b - coins hidden by pack rats, c - coins studded by tornado
25 What type of goods do pack rats store in their nests? a - small toys, b - shiny objects, c - buttons and bows, d - marbles
26 Do you use the same dowsing system to locate a buried coin or lost keys? yes or no
27 All scientific knowledge and earth studies will accelerate your learning curve and success rate. true or false
28 From the Diagram below, the pocket of crystals were found using a Y-rod. true or false
dowsing earth
29 A dowser's thought process determines the success of dicovering accurate results. true or false
30 Asking the right questions in each scenario results in the correct answers. true or false
31 One of the most important phases in the art of dowsing is to ask clear and concise question. true or false
32 The moon affects our dowsing and photo images during the day or nite. true or false
33 A home owner requesting a well site always marks the utility lines. true or false
34 A professional dowser is always aware of multiple underground lines and dangerous consequences relating to ruptured lines. true or false
35 Undergrounds lines include: a - water lines, b - sewer and drain lines, d - cable wires, e - gas or oil pipes, f - all of the above
36 In general terms, the sanitary drain field will function from 20 to 30 years for an average house. true or false
37 A water well is 300 feet deep. The static water level is 50 feet with a 6 inch casing. How much water is present standing within the well? a - 250 gpm, b - 375 gpm, c - 417 gpm
38 It is generally accepted to have your well site located within 10 feet from the property line even though the adjoining property line opposite the dowsed site. true or false
39 A good producing water well is usually 300 feet deep with a static water level of 290 feet. true or false
40 From the plat below, the homeowner complains of itching when taking a shower. He installs a $400.00 filtration system: the itching continues. Believing the problem exists with the water well, the dowser: a - locates a new well, b - tests the water for bacteria, c - declines, no potable water supply
map for dowser
41 After burying a horse near the barn, the homeowner violates local law and contaminates his watter supply. A professional dowser can not solve his legal problems. true or false
42 A homeowner requesting professional dowsing services rarely discloses known history and illigal practices affecting possible water supply needs. true or false
43 A water well near a barn has 100 ppm of nitrates and 100 ppm of silica. This potable water can be used for the house water supply system. true or false
44 A person in a basement is subject to VLF (very low frequency) transmitted signals that affect one's health. true or false
45 An advanced dowser can: a - alter weather condictions, b - divert unwanted groundwater from an existing well, c - divert underground streams, d - set filters on underground stream, e - all of the above
46 A well driller makes an air test to determine the flow of the ground water. This is very accurate method to test and record for the homeowner. true or false
47 Some dowsers have the advanced skills and ability to alter the outcome of events. true or false
48 Are you liable to your client if you do not charge a fee for your services? yes or no
49 Should a dowser have a written agreement detailing the services, such as fees, responsibility and results? yes or no
50 The IRS conciders dowsers as an independante contractors when fees are paid for services rendered therefore requiring fees taxable as earnings. true or false
51 What is nominal fee for well site? a - $50.00, b - $1000.00, c - varies by dowser and conditions
52 The best plan is to locate a potable water source near the barn or in the flood plain area for easy access to cattle or the farm house. true or false
53 The dowser's greatest accuracy will be achieved when the land owner, driller and animals are present during the location process of the well site. true or false
54 The dowser should always discuss with the property owner what utilities are buried on the land before locating a water well location. true or false
55 The desirable water well site should be located at least 50 feet from any sanitary drain field. true or false
56 After studying the two photos taken before and after beach treasure recovery and noticing the difference, match these items with the colored lines: a - paper money, b- boardwalk lights, c - gold and diamond ring, 1 - red, 2 - gold, 3 - white
lines   lines
57 An SX-70 Polaroid camera can record images of coins, precious metals and / or stones in total darknes. true or false
58 U.S. paper money ink contains metal therefore it produces an image in the photography development process. true or false
59 The photo on the right captured what type of treasure?fireball a - bullets, b - gold coins, c - silver coins, d - jewelry 
60 Although a client may appear honest and forthright, as a dowser it is your responsibility to follow all the local, state and federal laws, especially when recoverying treasure. true or false
61 A dowser spent $15 000.00 in legal fees to fight charges by the FBI when approached to locate and lead the uncover agents to hidden Indian artifacts. true or false
62 Public land is the same as federal land and is governed by very strict laws. true or false
63 Basements, caves, confined area poise dangerous health risks, including toxic poisoning from gases, molds, and air borned bacteria. true or false
64 Long ago treasures were buried with traps that would snare any would be finders. true or false
65 Dowsing to verify if potential client is a risk is the wisest advice to follow. true or false
66 Knowing everyone on a treasure recovery team beforehand still can not surface the true greed untill the treasure is discovered. true or false
67 Successful dowsing involves good planning and self discipline. true or false
68 Working as a team, following safety rules and sharing of the dirty work compliments and leads to positive results. true or false t
69 Thoughts unspoken are not unknown to the divine mind. true or false
70 Dowsing contacts the divine mind to receive all universal knowledge of those who are seeking the truth. true or false
71 Invisible frequencies create varying field that are detrimental to your health which include: a - electric blankets, household appliances, b - power lines & transformers, c - microwaves & cell phones, d - computers & televisions, e all of the above. true or false
72 The varying fields of invisable frequencies affect: a - circulatory systems & genetic results, b - proteins & enzymes, c - sleep & brain functions, d - amino acids and acidity, e - all of the above
73 Permanent magnets give the opposite of varying fields, offering a static or steady magnetic field that is not detrimental to one's health. true or false
74 Disease can not exist in a balanced energy field within the body. true or false
75 A business card with your photo on it decreases your responses and contact towards success. true or false
76 PATC - Potomac Appalachian Trail Club members joyfully received 35 gpm water from 400 foot well at the top of the Blue Ridge mountain through an old volcanic dike to a water dome. true or false
77 Is this artifact of the buffalo bone and arrowhead genuine? true or falsebone
78 By examining the patina of the arrowhead and buffalo bone, the authenticity can be acurate. true or false
79 The gold crystal nugget was found at a depth of 2000 to 3000 feet depth. true or falsegold nugget
80 Each photo is only seconds apart, yet a small white object appears, what could it be? a - a gnat, b - a dust, c - a photo glitch, d - none of the above
81 To avoid trespassing, verify the ownership by simply researching the deed at the local courthouse. true or false
82 Curiosity, rumors and loose talk may send strangers seeking dowsers's answers, beware of: a - strangers, b - entrapment, c - disclosing what you are seeking, d - don't trust anyone, e - all of the above
83 No harm will come to you if you make unintentional errors in performing your psychic telemetry rituals, enchantments, or advanced techniques. true or false
84 The average lightening strikes during a storm produces more than 30 000 lightening strikes from cloud to cloud, ground to sky, and sky to ground. true or false
85 A lightening storm 10 miles away from a treasure site will not interfere with dowsing signals. true or false
86 On site map dowsing is not always feasible so dowsers may train themselves to communicate through radios or telephones as if they were on site. true or false
87 Landmarks that were easy to recognized from a distance in remote areas were often used by robbers to hide their loot, such as this photo below used by Jesse James in the western area of Oklahoma. true or false
88 A dowser's brain pattern in the state of deep sleep, dream, falling a sleap, normal waking and lucid mediation, shows activity at all times. true or false

89 Many realms in the state of the dowser's mind are more consistently working, open, receiving thoughts. true or false
90 What level dowsing do you believe you have achieved? a - beginner, b - intermediate, c - advanced, d - professional
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