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Las Vegas, Nevada


Sergei Khrushchev and Werner I. Juretzko posing for a picture at the museum.

View at the conversation with Francis Gary Powers Jr., son of U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers shot down 1960 over the Soviet Union and Sergei Khrushchev, son of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.
In the center, moderator Ambassador William Courtney.

On October 4th 2003, during the Grand Opening of the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, a lively open dialogue took place between Francis Gary Powers, Jr. and Sergei Khrushchev.   The debate was moderated by William Courtney, former United States Ambassador to Ukraine and Georgia.

Mr. Powers is the son of Francis Gary Powers, the U2 pilot who was shot down in 1960 during a military reconnaissance mission over the Soviet Union.   Mr. Khrushchev is the son of former Soviet Chairman Nikita Khrushchev.

During the discussion with Mr. Powers, Mr. Khrushchev went to great lengths to describe how is father served as an architect of world peace and the advancement of humanity.  When the discussion was opened to the audience, the following question was directed to Mr. Khrushchev by Werner I. Juretzko:

“Mr. Khrushchev, for the six year period of 1955 through 1961, I had the privilege to live in one of your father’s jails. By crediting your father with such great positive contributions to humanity and world peace, he would definitely deserve a place in heaven.  For being such a good son, I am giving you credit for that.   However, in your colorful and positive recollection about your father, you have totally ignored his responsibility regarding the forced starvation that killed over 12 million Ukrainians during the early 1930’s.   It is widely known and established by history that your father earned the title “Butcher of the Ukraine.”  Would you, Mr. Khrushchev, please comment and elaborate on this important historical fact?”

Mr. Khrushchev’s response to Mr. Juretzko’s question did not include any admission to any link of his father to the Ukrainian genocide of the 1930’s.  Mr. Khrushchev went so far as to deny that his father even traveled to Ukraine during that period of time and insisted that his father had been assigned by Stalin, the entire time to an administrative job in Moscow.

Mr. Khruschchev’s response was nothing less than a diplomatic snake dance act in which Mr. Khruschchev, who now claims to be an American citizen, tried to shed all of the responsibility of his father’s actions that resulted in the genocide of 12 million Ukranians.    In describing the famine of the 1930’s, Mr. Khruschchev echoed the official Stalinist version the widespread deaths of the Ukranian population was the result of famine that was caused by natural drought conditions.

Mr. Khruschchev’s response was an insult to the millions of victims of communist aggression and their families.  Hidden deep inside his pockets, Mr. Khrushchev still carries his Communist Party membership card.

Another member of the audience asked Mr. Khrushchev, “How does it feel now, making lots of money on your socialistic memoirs in this land of capitalism?”   Mr. Khrushchev smugly responded with a broad grin on his face, “I feel very good, I feel very comfortable.”

The common background and behavior of Nikita Khrushchev and Adolf Eichmann of the Nazi Third Reich is strikingly similar.   Both men served as altar boys in their youth, both men never personally harmed any human being and both men committed indescribable atrocities from behind a desk.   Adolf Eichmann directed the extinction of 6 million Jewish people from his desk job in a villa in Berlin-Wansee, while Nikitia Khruschchev directed the extinction of 12 million Ukranians from his desk job in Moscow.

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