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Klick mal auf Chrissy und Du siehst das schöne Mädchen versinken im Toten Meer nicht !!Chandra LEVYClick here, see Dead Sea Map

The Dead Sea in Israel

Totes Meer in Israel

Morze Martwe w Izraelu

Click here, see Dead Sea Map



Chrissy Juretzko, Susan Levy and Chandra Levy. (Kneeling lady unknown)

Chandra Levy in Memoriam

Never, would I have imagined that the photograph taken on the last afternoon of the last day of the second Millennium, Friday, December 31st, 1999,would haunt and follow me in my thoughts. I was searching and waiting for a fellow traveler’s ultimate fate. I label all of my photograph and this photograph; I labeled “The three mud piggies”.
The photograph was taken on the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel, only hours before a grandiose and spectacular New Years Eve party in Haifa.
A few months later this person, shown so “down to earth” and later that night dancing into the New Year, became the most famous missing person in America.

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Posing for a picture in Jerusalem

Gruppenfoto in Jerusalem

Zdjęcie grupowe w Jerozolimie

  My path crossed with Chandra, her brother, Adam, and her parents, Robert and Susan Levy, when our traveling group decided to celebrate the turn of the millennium in the Holy Land, exactly where our modern time recording began. Thirty-seven people from all walks of life and various corners of the globe, met up in Tel Aviv to begin the journey. We stayed and traveled together, crisscrossing the biblical land by bus, boat, and air, from the Golan Heights to Zippori, the model city of Jerusalem (before its destruction in 70 B.C.), Elat, and Petra, Jordan. The Levy family always stayed close together, as if an unexplained force would have foretold them of the tragic event awaiting them!
A short period time after returning from this trip, a disturbing note from my newly acquired friend Lewis Sternfels, from California and neighbor of the Levy’s, appeared on my monitor:
Werner, . . .do you remember Chandra Levy, the girl with the black hair. She was in our group with her parents and her brother, Adam, on the trip to Israel. She is the girl who has an internship with the Federal Government. She left Washington D.C. for California and no one has heard from her since. You spoke with her during the trip and so have people from your group. Perhaps on her way home she could have stopped in Chicago or somewhere else. Ask around! The parents are desperate and concerned. Any clue, hint, or information, you or anyone else from your traveling group could provide, would be appreciated.”
This and other notes followed in short intervals and maximized the concern of her loved ones, family, and friends. Chandra’s past lifestyle did not just render itself to the assumption that she disappeared voluntarily behind a mysterious wall of fog.
But she did!
Throughout the following month, Chandra Levy became the most publicized missing person in the history of the United States. She just disappeared from the face of the earth without a trace, and hopes of ever finding her vanished.
Again, fate had not yet closed its full circle!
A man, in Washington D.C.’s Rock Creek Park, walking his dog, became suspicious when the dog sniffed out some bones in the bushes. Immediately he recognized that they were of human origin. The unbelievable, had come to pass.
Subsequent DNA tests proved that Chandra Levy’s body was found.
Not too long ago, Chandra’s remains were placed in their final resting place.
Although, Chandra has found her final resting place, justice has not yet been found for her perpetrator.
But in time, with God’s mysterious will of making  “things just happen”, the perpetrator, who in his sick mind, snuffed out this beautiful young flower before it had a chance to bloom, will find his reward.
I wish and hope his reward will be hanging in the gallows!!!

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